Our mission is simple: to connect you more efficiently than ever with affordable, professional stylists

At RAGNARS, we feel your love for London. Our city is wonderful for many reasons – but it’s also busy. So, we made it our mission to bring proper, professional styling to your fast-paced London life. Use us to source instant one-on-one styling for every budget and timeframe. Don't let London life get on top of you. Look and feel your best without breaking a sweat with the RAGNARS network of styling professionals at your fingertips.​

It’s about confidence that’s effortless

Looking good is about how you feel as much as fitness. A toned body doesn’t guarantee a fit and healthy mind. Why not spend that same time and money invested on your personal trainer in personal styling and feel just as great – if not better?

Ellen Ragnars, Founder of RAGNARS

It’s about time

Time is our most valuable asset. RAGNARS offers those without time, the power to look great at any time during the week – especially in the office. Nobody has time to browse stores nor follow the newest trends. There’s no need with RAGNARS, which provides an enjoyable, successful retail experience based upon efficiency, confidence, inclusiveness, and of course – enormous style!

It’s about us

Founder Ellen Ragnars launched her personal styling service after recognizing the huge gap in the market for quick styling in London’s hectic world. She understood the bounty of benefits of a style expert brings to help busy people shop effectively and efficiently, picking out key pieces that work season after season as well as meet their budget, availability, and style. She recognised the opportunity offered by affordable personal styling as an enjoyable way to celebrate your body shape and fuel your confidence no matter how pressed you are for time and resources.

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