Terms and conditions

1. Parties

This agreement is made between the user and RAGNARS. The user is the one who complies with these terms which have been approved by RAGNARS.

2. Entry into force

This agreement takes effect when the user has confirmed the registration with the approval of RAGNARS’s terms. By accepting these terms, the user also commits to comply with the terms and conditions of each company in the RAGNARS system which entails the usage of RAGNARS.

3. Responsibility

a. The user must be the true owner of the email address which he registers and is responsible that all information he logs into RAGNARS is correct. 

b. The user is always responsible for any damages due to incorrect use of the service. 

4. Notifications

The user authorizes RAGNARS to send him notifications via mail, email or SMS messages on topics related to RAGNAR'S  system and its services.

5. Pricing

a. RAGNARS reserves the right to change their pricing at any time but it should be reported at least 14 days in advance on the company website. 

b. RAGNARS is not responsible for the pricing of companies or individual specialists in the RAGNARS system.

6. Payments

a. The user pays for services provided by RAGNARS and STYLISTS and specialists using the RAGNARS system with a credit card. 

b. The user allows charges to the credit card provided for payment for the services the user received. 

c. The user registers a credit card on RAGNARS’s website. All credit card information is processed by Stripe which is responsible for acquiring payments through RAGNARS. RAGNARS’s clients who use the payment system will be charged for their use according to Stripe's pricing. Stripe's pricing is accessible here. You can check out Stripe's terms here.

d. The credit card is charged when a booking is made.

e. Access to RAGNARS for STYLISTS or specialists is based on subscriptions. A specialist pays for his subscription with a credit card. The specialist must cancel the subscription before the 15. day of the month if he/she is not to be charged for the following month. 

f. If for any reason, a credit card which the user has allowed to be charged can not be charged, RAGNARS, a company or specialist using the RAGNARS system, is authorized to initiate a bank claim covering the initial amount plus additional cost. RAGNARS reserves the right to cancel subscriptions due to outstanding invoices. Specialist in RAGNARS also has the right not to book a second session with the client until payment for the first session has been made. Regarding defaults, see Article 9. 

g. RAGNARS, companies and specialists using the system are authorized to charge a credit card user if a vacancy occurs according to each company's service rates and terms. 

i. STYLIST'S and specialists in RAGNARS system can set further rules regarding absence and when the user has to notify the specialist without being charged. 

h. If, for any reason, a user is to be reimbursed by a specialist the refunded amount will be made to the users' credit card.

7. Payment Methods and Payout Methods

7.1 When you add a Payment Method or Payout Method to your RAGNARS Account, you will be asked to provide customary billing information such as name, billing address, and financial instrument information either to RAGNARS Payments or its third-party payment processor(s). You must provide accurate, current, and complete information when adding a Payment Method or Payout Method, and it is your obligation to keep your Payment Method and Payout Method up-to-date at all times. The information required for Payout Methods will depend on the particular Payout Method and may include:

  • Your residential address, name on the account, account type, routing number, account number, email address, payout currency, identification number and account information associated with a particular payment processor.

7.2 When you add or use a new Payment Method, RAGNARS Payments may verify the Payment Method by authorizing a nominal amount or by authenticating your account via a third-party payment service provider. For further verification, we may also (i) authorize your Payment Method for one or two additional nominal amounts, and ask you to confirm these amounts, or (ii) require you to upload a billing statement. We may, and retain the right to initiate refunds of these amounts from your Payout Method. When you add a Payment Method during checkout, we will automatically save that Payment Method to your RAGNARS Account so it can be used for a future transaction.

7.3 Please note that Payment Methods and Payout Methods may involve the use of third-party payment service providers. These service providers may charge you additional fees when processing payments and Payouts in connection with the Payment Services (including deducting charges from the Payout amount), and RAGNARS Payments is not responsible for any such fees and disclaims all liability in this regard. Your Payment Method or Payout Method may also be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by the applicable third-party payment service provider; please review these terms and conditions before using your Payment Method or Payout Method.

7.4 You authorize RAGNARS Payments to store your Payment Method information and charge your Payment Method as outlined in these Payments Terms. If your Payment Method’s account information changes (e.g., account number, routing number, expiration date) as a result of re-issuance or otherwise, we may acquire that information from our financial services partner or your bank and update your Payment Method on file in your RAGNARS Account.

7.5 You are solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your Payment Method and Payout Method information. RAGNARS Payments is not responsible for any loss suffered by you as a result of incorrect Payment Method or Payout Method information provided by you.

7.6. If your Contracting Entity's location is different than the country of your Payment Method or your selected currency is different from your Payment Method's billing currency, your payment may be processed outside your country of residence. For example, if you make a booking using a U.S.-issued card, but select Euro as your currency, your payment may be processed outside the U.S. Banks and credit card companies may impose international transaction fees and foreign exchange fees on such international transactions. In addition, if you select to pay with a currency that is different than your Payment Method's billing currency, your bank or credit card company may convert the payment amount to your billing currency associated with you Payment Method, based on an exchange rate and fee amount determined solely by your bank. As a result, the amount listed on your card statement may be a different amount than that shown on checkout. Please contact your bank or credit card company if you have any questions about these fees or the applicable exchange rate.

8. Payment to STYLISTS’s (service providers), refund & cancelation policy. 

Payments to Stylits’s (service providers), refund & cancellation policy by MYSHOPOVER also known as RAGNARS, Suite B-2, 2035 Sunset Lake Road, Newark, 19702, Delaware. (hereinafter)

8.1 Payments to Stylists (service providers) 

RAGNARS collects and processes payments of users when a booking is being placed with a Stylist. Once the Stylists accepts a request from a user a payment method of the user will be charged for the entire amount at that time. If the appointment is not to be due in three days or months away, RAGNARS will hold the payment until 24 hours after an appointment will be given. 

All RAGNARS Stylists registered offering their services on the RAGNARS platform can set their prices freely according to supply and demand  and based on previous experience. RAGNARS will take 20% commission fee, as well as payment providers fees as stated above and will that be added to the price or the hourly rate by the Stylist to cover its expenses. Users are able to access and see the total applicable price per hour displayed on every Stylist profile. 

RAGNARS accepts the following cards of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB that are dominant payment method globally. 

Payments will be transferred to RAGNARS Stylists within 3 - 5 working days after the completion of each appointment.

8.2 Refund to User’s

Payments made and paid by a user are final and non-refundable unless otherwise determined by the Stylist. 

In case of fraud or otherwise unacceptable service provided by a RAGNARS Stylist, please place your refund request to RAGNARS team info@ragnar.co

The fullest extent permitted by law, any refunds at any time are at any time RAGNARS sole discretion only. 

Fees incurred as the results of refunds or other payment disputes raised by the user, and by disputes requiring accounting or legal services, shall be covered by the user unless otherwise determined by RAGNARS.

8.3 Refund to Stylist’s 

If a User cannot attend a confirmed appointment, he or she must cancel the appointment officially within our platform on the cancellation link. 

If a User cannot attend a confirmed appointment, he or she must cancel the appointment. With that, the RAGNARS system will be informed. No cancelation fee will be applied. 

8.4 Cancelation policy

If a RAGNARS Stylists cancels a confirmed appointment, no compensation will be granted to the user. 

If a user does not show up to his or her appointment at a confirmed location without any explanation the appointment will be marked as canceled by the user, however, the user will be charged 100% cancelation fee. In case of recurrence, RAGNARS reserves the right to suspend or deactivate that specific user's account from the platform. 

If the Stylist does not show up to his or her confirmed appointment at a confirmed location without explanation the user is advised to inform RAGNARS team to the following email address: info@ragnars.co. No charges will be made to the user.   

9. Errors and comments

a. If the user has notes or comments regarding claims he shall report them in writing to RAGNARS or relevant organization before the claims deadline. Otherwise, the claim is considered accurate. 

b. RAGNARS does not take responsibility for defective services. Complaints concerning such incidents should be directed to the service providers. RAGNARS takes no responsibility on the quality of purchased services. 

c. RAGNARS is not responsible if the customer is rejected by the dealer inventory from their account in RAGNARS nor for any damage that may result from the incident. 

d. If a user assumes a withdrawal from his credit card through the RAGNARS system has been made fraudulently, he must report it to RAGNARS immediately. Whenever there is a suspicion of fraudulent use RAGNARS will block the user's account. The user has an obligation to assist RAGNARS solving the case limiting the damages as much as possible.

10. Deadline payments, defaults and other non-compliance

a. If a user has not paid his withdrawal on the claims deadline, default interest is calculated as advertised by the Central Bank in each case, of withdrawals from the claims deadline date. While the users claim is overdue RAGNARS reserves the right to block further activity within the RAGNARS system, until the claim is fully paid. 

b. RAGNARS reserves the right to charge the user for any expenses the company suffered and was caused by the user. In collecting overdue costs and expenses RAGNARS complies with the Debt Collection Act no. 95/2008 and Regulation ceiling on collection etc. no. 37/2009. 

c. The user allows companies using the RAGNARS system to search Creditinfo listings on the user's defaults that have lasted for at least 40 days from the claims deadline. 

d. Should the user become guilty of a fundamental breach of its obligations under this Agreement, RAGNARS reserves the authority to call in all outstanding payments, close the user's account immediately and block the user without warning. Calling in all outstanding payments has the same effect as accounts being on deadline day. Fundamental breach is when any of the following has occurred: 

i. If it proves impossible to charge a registered credit card for a requested service. 

ii. Bills have reached the deadline without being paid or negotiated upon. 

iii. The user has given RAGNARS incorrect information when registering. 

iv. The user abuses RAGNARS’s services or companies within the system in some way. 

v. All misuse falls within the general criminal law no. 19/1940 and will be charged to the police.

11. Interest

a. RAGNARS is authorized to change rates without notice with a unilateral notification to the user. 

b. RAGNARS is not authorized to change interest rates after a service has been provided unless it's due to external changes that are not caused by RAGNARS.

12. Personal data

a. Personal data submitted to RAGNARS are stored electronically in a database. The user agrees that RAGNARS uses an identification number as equivalent to the username in the computer system and database. All personal data recorded in the RAGNARS database is encrypted. 

b. The RAGNARS database electronically manages information regarding clients, professionals and services and the interaction between them. It also stores contracts and agreements that users conclude with RAGNARS. RAGNARS stores data for a minimum of 7 years after the service takes place. With the data above RAGNARS has the authority to analyze the user's behavior in order to provide better services. 

c. RAGNARS is authorized to collect personal information and process them in accordance with law no. 77/2000 on Personal Data. RAGNARS’s purpose in collecting personal data is to provide the best service and ensure the safety of users. Maximum safety is ensured when collecting and handling personal data. That includes that all stored user information is encrypted. 

d. RAGNARS handles all personal information in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection law no. 77/2000. 

e. The user agrees to provide RAGNARS and STYLISTS & Companies using the RAGNARS system all personal data and information necessary for them to provide the requested service. 

f. You can revoke your approval of RAGNARS’s terms of use by sending a request to info@ragnars.co. By doing so a formal retraction process will commence.

13. RAGNARS Payment

Payment processing services for offices on RAGNARS are provided by Stripe and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service (collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement ''). By agreeing to these terms or continuing to operate as an office in RAGNARS, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement, as the same may be modified by Stripe from time to time. As a condition of RAGNARS enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you agree to provide RAGNARS accurate and complete information about you and your office, and you authorize RAGNARS to share it and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe.

Privacy Policy 

At RAGNARS, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our users. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information that is collected by RAGNARS and how we use it.

If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us through email at info@ragnars.co.

Your privacy is important to us. It is RAGNARS policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you across our website, https://ragnars.co/ and other sites we own and operate.

At RAGNARS we are committed to maintaining a trusted relationship with our clients and visitors. Therefore, we do not sell or trade lists of our clients or visitor data with third parties for marketing purposes. So you are kept in the light on what we do, we have created this Privacy Policy in easy to understand English explaining what data of yours we collect, what we do with it, in what limited circumstances we may disclose it to others and how we keep it all secure.

Information we collect

When you visit our site we use a third-party service Google Analytics to collect standard logging information such as what pages are visited and in which order. We use this to analyse clients and visitor behavior as a whole and we do not collect, or instruct Google to collect personal information that can identify you. On our site, you can subscribe to our newsletter. When you do this we collect some information - your email address and name so that we can keep you up to date with RAGNARS news and special offers, or in case we need to contact you to get more or clarify the information we do have. You can unsubscribe to our newsletters, and manage your contact preferences at any time by clicking the link in the bottom of every email we send out via MailChimp.

Registering with us and making a booking

Access to your personal information

Both Stylists & Clients are entitled to view, amend or delete the information about them that we hold. To do this please email our admin at info@ragnars.co. By law we have to action this within one month.